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Hawk is part of the BSK's future plans. His clear genetic panel makes him an excellent stud dog prospect down the road. Although early in his training his potential and talent is evident. This long and lanky dark golden boy is a joy to work with.



Attie - Broken Sky's Guardian Athena             View Pedigree (pdf)

Attie is a dark golden Rory Leto pup born Nov. 2020. she is a spirited girl with boundless energy. She is eager to please and quick learner.



Rhea - BSK'S Whistling Titaness             View Pedigree (pdf)

As her Greek name implies she is the earth & sky combined through her pedigree with Titan and Yeti. She is our first pup combining these two amazing bloodlines. She is high energy, high drive and never happier than when she's conquering the world around her.




LUNA - BROKEN SKY'S MISS Selene             View Pedigree (pdf)

The younger sister of Leto is carving out her own place in the hunting world. She is a mellow loving powerhouse. The kind of spirit and energy you don't see coming from her low key demeanor.



LETO - BROKEN SKY'S MISS ARTEMIS             View Pedigree (pdf)

Leto is the spitting image of Emma, the matriarch of our golden girls. She is flashy and classy rolled into a beautiful flame red female with the drive to go all day.



JUSTICE - BSK's STINGRAY OF JUSTICE          View Pedigree (pdf)


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